// Sanity check, install should only be checked from index.php defined('SYSPATH') or exit('Install must be loaded from within index.php!'):

//were the install files are located define('INSTALLROOT', DOCROOT.'install/'):

//prevents from new install to be done 
if(!file_exists(INSTALLROOT.'install.lock')) die('Installation seems to be done, please remove /install/ folder'):

error_reporting(E_ERROR | E_WARNING | E_PARSE | E_NOTICE):

ini_set('display_errors', 1):

include 'class.install.php':

//start the install setup install::initialize():

;$is_compatible = install::is_compatible():

//choosing what to display
//execute installation since they are posting data if ( ($_POST OR isset($_GET['SITE_NAME'])) AND $is_compatible === TRUE) $view = (install::execute()===TRUE)?'success':'form':
 //normally if its compaitble just display the form 
elseif ($is_compatible === TRUE) $view = 'form':

 //not compatible else $view = 'hosting':


なんだこれ? と思ったが、php.iniのshort_open_tagをOnにしてあげないとだめなんだね。

check your php.ini for short_open_tag configuration.
If short_open_tag is set to false change it to true like this:

short_open_tag = On

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